Nurture the Seed by Renee Jennings & Georgia Gregory


Nurture the Seed is the ultimate nutrition guide for expecting mums. It covers everything from food safety and gut health, to morning sickness and constipation; discussing in detail the nutritional needs for women in the prenatal period. This book will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the often confusing prenatal nutrition guidelines. It utilises recent evidence-based research and takes a ‘wholefood’ approach to pregnancy nutrition. With 35 delicious recipes, Nurture the Seed will help you eat nutritious food with confidence.

Eat like your livelihood depends on it. And nurture that seed the best you can.



“Renee and Georgia have created a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to pregnancy nutrition that is a must read for all women, regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy or are already in your fourth trimester. Using a combination of scientific rigour, traditional wisdom and a practical approach, this book truly equips you with the knowledge to navigate the often-conflicting nutrition guidelines. The wholefood recipes in Nurture the Seed are simple to prepare, full of flavour and are meals that I will be nourishing my whole family with for years to come.”

– Cassie McCarthy, nutritionist, regenerative farmer and wholefoods cook


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